Carys’ Story

Little did I know this time last year that 2017 would find me living on the outskirts of Colombo in the Footprints Girls’ Home teaching the ABC’s to seven wonderful little Sri Lankan children.

The past three months have been both unforgettable and life-changing for me, as I have faced the challenge of teaching these little ones how to read and write their third language. I am so thankful that the structure of the ACE curriculum has made it possible for me as a graduate to just go and get stuck in!

During this time I have found that removing myself from my own little world has been a wonderful opportunity that has given me time to learn about myself and most importantly to truly lean on God.

I have absolutely loved teaching and would strongly recommend it to anyone who can give a few months of their time. Teaching in itself is a wonderful thing, and being able to share the gift of education is very special. God is the great teacher, and educating others brings with it a unique opportunity to share His love!

Why not give of yourself, your time and your energy, and go while you have the chance?


Whatever your stage of life, if you’re a graduate of the ACE programme, then 24-7 is the place for you!

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